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Laguna Beach, California

Loved the energy that Keith & Mira brought to their Engagement Session!  We met Keith & Mira when Tanya & Derrick photographed my cousin’s wedding in Las Vegas.  When we found out they were engaged, we knew they would be such an amazing couple to work with.  Keith had us cracking up throughout the entire engagement session!  Together, they’re such a happy couple it’s almost inevitable not to feel happy when in their presence.  Keith’s sense of humor mixed with Mira’s beautiful smile makes a perfect combination of what love should look like.  They chose Victoria Beach in Laguna Beach for their engagement photos because it holds a special place in their heart…Mira was raised in Laguna Beach.  And I’m sure second choice would have been New York since Keith is from the Big Apple…now that would have been quite a treat for me!!  🙂  We are so happy and honored that you chose us as your engagement and wedding photographers…your wedding can’t come fast enough!!

Engagement photos taken by Angie & Derrick…

victoria-beach-engagement-photographer-engagement-photos-1 victoria-beach-engagement-photographer-engagement-photos-2 victoria-beach-engagement-photographer-engagement-photos-3 victoria-beach-engagement-photographer-engagement-photos-4 victoria-beach-engagement-photographer-engagement-photos-5 victoria-beach-engagement-photographer-engagement-photos-6 victoria-beach-engagement-photographer-engagement-photos-7 victoria-beach-engagement-photographer-engagement-photos-8

Photo by Derrick (below)

victoria-beach-engagement-photographer-engagement-photos-9 victoria-beach-engagement-photographer-engagement-photos-10

Photo by Derrick (below)

victoria-beach-engagement-photographer-engagement-photos-11 victoria-beach-engagement-photographer-engagement-photos-12

Photo by Derrick (below)


Photo by Derrick (below)


Photo by Derrick (below)

victoria-beach-engagement-photographer-engagement-photos-15 victoria-beach-engagement-photographer-engagement-photos-16 victoria-beach-engagement-photographer-engagement-photos-17 victoria-beach-engagement-photographer-engagement-photos-18

Photo by Derrick (below)


Photo by Derrick (below)


Photo by Derrick (below)

victoria-beach-engagement-photographer-engagement-photos-21 victoria-beach-engagement-photographer-engagement-photos-22

Photo by Derrick (below)

victoria-beach-engagement-photographer-engagement-photos-23 victoria-beach-engagement-photographer-engagement-photos-24 victoria-beach-engagement-photographer-engagement-photos-25 victoria-beach-engagement-photographer-engagement-photos-26 victoria-beach-engagement-photographer-engagement-photos-27 victoria-beach-engagement-photographer-engagement-photos-28 victoria-beach-engagement-photographer-engagement-photos-29 victoria-beach-engagement-photographer-engagement-photos-30

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Laguna Beach, California

Photos taken by Angie & Matt…

inland-empire-engagement-photographers-laguna-beach-1 inland-empire-engagement-photographers-laguna-beach-2 inland-empire-engagement-photographers-laguna-beach-3 inland-empire-engagement-photographers-laguna-beach-4 inland-empire-engagement-photographers-laguna-beach-5 inland-empire-engagement-photographers-laguna-beach-6 inland-empire-engagement-photographers-laguna-beach-7 inland-empire-engagement-photographers-laguna-beach-8 inland-empire-engagement-photographers-laguna-beach-9 inland-empire-engagement-photographers-laguna-beach-10 inland-empire-engagement-photographers-laguna-beach-11 inland-empire-engagement-photographers-laguna-beach-12 inland-empire-engagement-photographers-laguna-beach-13 inland-empire-engagement-photographers-laguna-beach-14 inland-empire-engagement-photographers-laguna-beach-15 inland-empire-engagement-photographers-laguna-beach-16 inland-empire-engagement-photographers-laguna-beach-17 inland-empire-engagement-photographers-laguna-beach-18 inland-empire-engagement-photographers-laguna-beach-19 inland-empire-engagement-photographers-laguna-beach-20 los-angeles-engagement-photographers-laguna-beach-1 los-angeles-engagement-photographers-laguna-beach-2 los-angeles-engagement-photographers-laguna-beach-3


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Laguna Beach, California

Some of you may recognize these two happy faces.  Nick and Tiffany were last year’s Free Wedding Photography winners.  Even before meeting them in person, we were able to perceive that Nick & Tiffany are two very wonderful (not to mention, determined) individuals.  They are loved by many friends and family.  By the end of last year’s contest, they were able to get over 900 LIKES on Facebook in less than a week!  Within the first five minutes of meeting them at their engagement session, we felt as if we had known them for years.  They’re both very happy, caring, giving, and loving people.  Nick IMMEDIATELY showed us his goofy side as you can see through the majority of the pictures. lol  We had a  huge advantage that we don’t get often…AMAZING SKIES!!  The sunset was PERFECT!  It looked as if the sky was on fire…beautiful orange and red clouds filled the sky at sunset.  Nick & Tiffany, we felt very comfortable working with you two and we are more than excited to shoot your wedding in December!  🙂

Angie Virgen

Virnez Photography

Engagement Session Location:  Laguna Beach, Laguna Beach, California

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When Rene & Jocie told us they wanted to take their photos in Thousand Steps Beach, we knew exactly what we were in for.  It’s a GORGEOUS secluded beach in Laguna Beach.  It’s like a hidden gem.  However, there’s a catch to it.  The only way to get there is by going down some 227 steps.  Doesn’t sound like much right?  Try telling yourself that once you’ve climbed back up to the top.  That’s when you’ll know WHY they call it “Thousand Steps Beach”!  Though the day was cloudy and a little cold, Rene & Jocie were such wonderful sports.  As if it weren’t cold enough, and as it usually happens when we shoot at the beach, our lovely couple ended up wet and full of sand by the end of the session.  Thank you so much you two for being so cool and cooperative.  We had a very nice time shooting your engagement photos.  🙂

-Angie & Matt