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Glendora, California

Engagement photos by Angie…

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Inland Empire, California


Photos taken by Angie…

newborn-baby-photographers-inland-empire 001 (Side 1) newborn-baby-photographers-inland-empire 002 (Side 2) newborn-baby-photographers-inland-empire 003 (Side 3) newborn-baby-photographers-inland-empire 004 (Side 4) newborn-baby-photographers-inland-empire 005 (Side 5) newborn-baby-photographers-inland-empire 006 (Side 6) newborn-baby-photographers-inland-empire 007 (Side 7) newborn-baby-photographers-inland-empire 008 (Side 8) newborn-baby-photographers-inland-empire 009 (Side 9) newborn-baby-photographers-inland-empire 010 (Side 10) newborn-baby-photographers-inland-empire 011 (Side 11) newborn-baby-photographers-inland-empire 012 (Side 12) newborn-baby-photographers-inland-empire 013 (Side 13) newborn-baby-photographers-inland-empire 014 (Side 14) newborn-baby-photographers-inland-empire 015 (Side 15) newborn-baby-photographers-inland-empire 016 (Side 16) newborn-baby-photographers-inland-empire 017 (Side 17)


Check out Ana & Eden’s Maternity Photos!


Thanks to Andrea & Julie’s hard work, we were able to get some very cute images of Kamilah & Xcaret.  They came up with a Tea Party theme, Make Up Artist Theme (both mommies are Make Up Artists), and a Vintage theme for the girls’ photo session.  Andrea told us she’d been planning her daughter’s first photo session since before Kamilah was born!!  We strongly believe her hard work paid off 🙂  Andrea & Julie are cousins but grew up being so close they consider themselves sisters.  Now their goal is to have their daughters to grow up like sisters, just like they did.  The BEAUTIFUL hair pieces worn by Kamilah & Xcaret were made by Gabs Dubags.

– Angie & Derrick


inland-empire-baby-photographers 001 (Side 1) inland-empire-baby-photographers 002 (Side 2) inland-empire-baby-photographers 003 (Side 3) inland-empire-baby-photographers 004 (Side 4) inland-empire-baby-photographers 005 (Side 5) inland-empire-baby-photographers 006 (Side 6) inland-empire-baby-photographers 007 (Side 7) inland-empire-baby-photographers 008 (Side 8) inland-empire-baby-photographers 009 (Side 9) inland-empire-baby-photographers 010 (Side 10) inland-empire-baby-photographers 011 (Side 11) inland-empire-baby-photographers 012 (Side 12) inland-empire-baby-photographers 013 (Side 13) inland-empire-baby-photographers 014 (Side 14) inland-empire-baby-photographers 015 (Side 15) inland-empire-baby-photographers 016 (Side 16) inland-empire-baby-photographers 017 (Side 17) inland-empire-baby-photographers 018 (Side 18) inland-empire-baby-photographers 019 (Side 19) inland-empire-baby-photographers 020 (Side 20) inland-empire-baby-photographers 021 (Side 21) inland-empire-baby-photographers 022 (Side 22) inland-empire-baby-photographers 023 (Side 23) inland-empire-baby-photographers 024 (Side 24) inland-empire-baby-photographers 025 (Side 25) inland-empire-baby-photographers 026 (Side 26) inland-empire-baby-photographers 027 (Side 27) inland-empire-baby-photographers 028 (Side 28) inland-empire-baby-photographers 029 (Side 29) inland-empire-baby-photographers 030 (Side 30) inland-empire-baby-photographers 031 (Side 31) inland-empire-baby-photographers 032 (Side 32) inland-empire-baby-photographers 033 (Side 33) inland-empire-baby-photographers 034 (Side 34) inland-empire-baby-photographers 035 (Side 35) inland-empire-baby-photographers 036 (Side 36) inland-empire-baby-photographers 037 (Side 37) inland-empire-baby-photographers 038 (Side 38) inland-empire-baby-photographers 039 (Side 39) inland-empire-baby-photographers 040 (Side 40) inland-empire-baby-photographers 041 (Side 41) inland-empire-baby-photographers 042 (Side 42)    inland-empire-baby-photographers 044 (Side 44) inland-empire-baby-photographers 045 (Side 45) inland-empire-baby-photographers 046 (Side 46) inland-empire-baby-photographers 047 (Side 47) inland-empire-baby-photographers 048 (Side 48) inland-empire-baby-photographers 049 (Side 49) inland-empire-baby-photographers 050 (Side 50) inland-empire-baby-photographers 051 (Side 51) inland-empire-baby-photographers 052 (Side 52) inland-empire-baby-photographers 053 (Side 53) inland-empire-baby-photographers 054 (Side 54) inland-empire-baby-photographers 055 (Side 55)


Los Angeles, California


Wedding photographed by Angie & Derrick.


Wedding Venue:  Elegant Occasions Banquet Hall & Center, 5955 South Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

Wedding Formals Location:  San Gabriel Mission, San Gabriel, California.

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Ontario, California

baby boy room decoration ideas

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Trash the Dress Beach Session 

This was a great Trash the Dress Session!  We first met Cameron & Giuly early this year when they won a Free Family Portrait Session.  Cameron & Giuly along with Giuly’s parents and younger brother are such a beautiful, united family.  They fell in love with our work and hired us for a Trash the Dress session.  Because of this adventurous couple, we were able to get some great shots!  We thank you Cameron & Giuly for allowing us to photograph you guys once again.  🙂

Angie & Matt

Virnez Photography

Trash the dress photos were taken at Laguna Beach.

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Burbank, California

Patrick & Rosa’s wedding day started off at the historic San Fernando Valley Mission, followed by a beautiful wedding reception at The Castaway in Burbank.    It was a pleasure being able to shoot the wedding of two very wonderful individuals.  Thank you so much for your hospitality at the wedding and for entrusting us to capture such a memorable day for the both of you.   🙂

Special thanks to Michael Anthony from Michael Anthony Photography for assisting as a second shooter for this wedding.


Ceremony – San Fernando Valley Mission, 15151 San Fernando Mission Blvd., Mission Hills, CA  91345

Reception – The Castaway, 1250 East Harvard Road, Burbank, CA  91501

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Alhambra, California

Roberto & Ariana shared a beautiful wedding with their family and friends at The Almansor Court in Alhambra, California.  The highlight of their wedding was definitely their performance of the Grease song,  “You’re the One That I Want”.  It wasn’t only entertaining, but really brought out their personalities and how much they love each other.  Thanks to their great sense of humor, we were able to get some really great dancing shots.  We hope you had a blast on  your wedding day and that you’re able to relive that unforgettable day through our images.  🙂

– Angie & Matt

Southern California Wedding Venue:  Almansor Court, Alhambra, California.

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