Abraham & Mari were one of the couples that won a Free Engagement Session from this year’s Wedding Photography Contest.  It seemed like we were never gonna started with our session.  First we show up at a location that Abraham & Mari chose where, this time of year, there’s beautiful fall foliage.  It turns out it was closed to the public.  We drive to a Nature Center nearby, start our session, and get kicked out because they didn’t allow professional photography.  At this point, we could tell that Abraham & Mari were getting very frustrated because we were losing light and it didn’t look like we’d be able to get that “Fall” look in their pictures that they wanted.  The good thing is that Abraham is very familiar with the city that we were shooting in and he drove us to a ‘hidden’ location right by the Santa Ana River and across the street from Mt. Rubioux.  It was perfect!!  We were actually GLAD that we couldn’t shoot in the other two locations, otherwise, we wouldn’t have gotten the night shots we got.  I promised them they would be happy with their pictures.  I think it all worked out for the better in the end.  Thank you Abraham & Mari for not losing your cool under such circumstances.  You two are very pleasant to be around and we look forward to shooting your wedding in March.  🙂

– Angie & Matt





Downtown Riverside, Riverside, California


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