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Los Angeles, California

Derrick and I felt very honored to photograph Alex & Wendy’s 10 year wedding anniversary photos.  Occasionally, Alex works with us as a second shooter.  Not only has he always proven to be a great photographer, but also a great friend.  It has been a pleasure getting to know his wife Wendy as well.  It’s very rare to find a love like the one they share after 10 years of marriage.  We wish you many more years of happiness together!! 🙂

Photos by Derrick & Angie…

downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photos-engagement-photography-13 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photos-engagement-photography-16

downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photos-engagement-photography-2 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photos-engagement-photography-4 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photos-engagement-photography-5 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photos-engagement-photography-1 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photos-engagement-photography-6 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photos-engagement-photography-18 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photos-engagement-photography-7 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photos-engagement-photography-8 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photos-engagement-photography-9 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photos-engagement-photography-10 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photos-engagement-photography-11 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photos-engagement-photography-14 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photos-engagement-photography-15 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photos-engagement-photography-3 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photos-engagement-photography-17 downtown-los-angeles-engagement-photos-engagement-photography-12



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Photographing Melody’s first photos was very special for us.  We have had the honor of photographing Shannai & George’s engagement, wedding, maternity and now photos of their first newborn, baby Melody.  It has been such a beautiful experience to have been a part of all these unforgettable experiences and being able to document them.  We look forward to working with you each and every time.  Thank you so much for allowing us to continue to share such special memories with you.  Best wishes!  🙂


Virnez Photography

And here’s a sample of what usually  happens during newborn sessions…let me rephrase that…here’s a sample of what happens at EVERY newborn session.  It never fails!

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San Gabriel, California

Omar & Mayra celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary this year.  They called us because they wanted artistic wedding anniversary photos and trusted that we would capture exactly what they wished for.  We want to wish you many years of anniversary celebrations filled with love and happiness!  🙂

– Angie & Matt

Virnez Photography

Anniversary photo session location:  San Gabriel Mission, San Gabriel, California

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Graduation Photos were taken at Laguna Beach, California.

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Pasadena, California

This was such a fun little shoot. These couples all have been married for decades and it is truly inspiring to see this love still in existence today. We believe this shoot to be an inspiration to all our soon to be bride and grooms this year and the next to see these celebrated love stories still fresh. Look at the expressions of these couples. It was truly an honor to shoot. Thank you all for your time on this group couples session.

– Angie & Matt

Mr. & Mrs. Rodas – Married 43 years and counting!

With their beautiful daughters Heidy & Lily

Mr. & Mrs. Salmeron – Just celebrated their 30th anniversary last month…congratulations!  🙂

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Los Angeles, California

We were very excited to shoot Joel & Jannessie’s anniversary photos.  What made it so flattering was that they had been searching for a photographer that met their standards and that would stand out from the rest.  When they were referred to us by one of their friends and saw our work, they immediately knew we were the photographers they were searching for.  They drove almost three hours from Bakersfield to Los Angeles just to have their photographs taken by us.  Matt and I really appreciate you putting all of your trust in us to capture the love and beautiful relationship that exists between the both of you.  We wish you many beautiful and happy anniversaries. 🙂

– Angie & Matt

LOCATION FOR THESE PORTRAITS:  Los Angeles County Museum of Arts (LACMA), Los Angeles, California

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For Yesenia’s graduate portraits she suggested we go to Huntington Beach.  We had to reschedule her session once because of bad weather.  However, on this particular cloudy day, we decided we would take our chances.  VERY glad that we did!  Otherwise we wouldn’t have gotten these very dramatic sky shots.  If there’s one thing we’ve learned, unless it’s pouring “cats and dogs”, is never to reschedule when the weather appears to look bad.  It NEVER fails that we will get awesome shots with dramatic skies.  As always, it was a pleasure working with Yessi.  I’ve had the privilege of knowing her and her family for a few years now.  It seems as if it was barely just yesterday that she came to us for her 8th grade promotion pictures and now she’s graduating from HIGH SCHOOL!!  We wish you much success in everything you do.  You’ve always been a very responsible, mature, and very dedicated young lady.  Congratulations on such a big accomplishment!!  GO CLASS OF 2012!!!  🙂

– Angie & Matt


Yesenia was rockin’ this red summer dress!!

She was cheking out a guy that was passing by 😉

For this last shot, we included her good friend Jasmine.  What a good friend!  She made sure to keep Yessi’s hair and makeup looking good throughout the whole session.  Thank you for your help my dear!  🙂

Graduate Portraits Location:  Huntington Beach, California

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So we got to shoot at one of my favorite locations, The Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.  Throughout the entire session, it felt like we were shooting an Engagement Session.  However, what we were actually shooting was Bruno and Nubia’s 5th year anniversary photos.  It’s always a treat to see two people that have been married for a good amount of time and still look like they’re dating.  What I thought was so cute was seeing how Nubia kept making Bruno blush with her bubbly and spontaneous personality during the shoot.  It was a pleasure meeting the both of you.  Thank you for giving us the pleasure of shooting your 5th year anniversary photos. 🙂




COUPLE PHOTOGRAPHY SESSION:  Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, California.

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It was a pleasure photographing Keyana and Mikhiel’s graduate portraits at the UCR Botanic Gardens.  Because they’re such great friends, we decided it would be fun to photograph them on the same day.  Their beautiful personalities and sense of humor made this a very fun session for us.  It has been a pleasure getting to know Keyana, Mikhiel and their families in the short while that we’ve known them.  Congratulations girls on graduating High School in a few months.  We’re positive your families feel very proud of you.  🙂


Virnez Photography


unique and different graduate portraits

graduate portraits at UCR Botanic Gardens

LOCATION FOR THIS GRADUATE SESSION:  UCR Botanic Gardens, Riverside, California


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For the Salus Family Portraits, we drove to the beautiful hills of Santa Clarita.  Though the location is only a few minutes away from the city, it feels like it’s miles and miles away from civilization, in the middle of nowhere.  It was my first time shooting here and my first time meeting the Salus Family.  It was great!  The weather, for the most part, and the lighting was perfect (a lil windy, but nothing we couldn’t handle).  It’s always a pleasure to work with such pleasant individuals.  Thank you for the opportunity of shooting your Family Portraits.  🙂

Angie & Matt


family portraits in a barn

father daughter pic

baby with gorgeous beautiful eyes

unique family portraits


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When Sandra called me to book her photo session, she had a purpose for it in mind.  George & Sandra made their family believe that they were taking 5th year Anniversary photos.  Little did they know, they were going to make a book out of their photos and in the very last page, include a photo of them holding a Sonogram Photo of their first baby!!  What a unique way to break the news to the family!  So obviously, we were very happy to be a part of their genius plan.  We want to congratulate you, George & Sandra, on expecting your first child.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to shoot your “5th year anniversary photos/breaking the news to our family that we’re expecting photos”!  🙂





Pasadena City Hall, 100 N Garfield Ave, Pasadena, CA 91199


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We had the honor and privilege of shooting a Skate Photography Session with Pro Skater Kilian Martin in Los Angeles.  I have to admit, this has been one of the most entertaining photo shoots I’ve ever had to shoot.  It’s almost impossible not to stop what you’re doing and stare in awe when Kilian is performing on his skateboard.  What makes him so good is the passion he has for freestyle skateboarding.  It was the first thing I was able to sense from him when we met.  Looking forward to hopefully being able to work with him again in the near future.  🙂  For more information about Kilian Martin, or to see him in action, check out his website.

Angie & Matt


unique freestyle skater photo

pro skater



cool freestyle skateboarding pic

freestyle skateboarding

pro skater kilian martin

Freestyle Skateboarding: Pro Skater Kilian Martin.  You can check him out by visiting his Website or  Facebook.


On the streets of Los Angeles, California and Barnsdall Art Center, 4800 Hollywood Blvd  Los Angeles, California 90027

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We took the trip out to Santa Clarita to take Isabella’s very first newborn photos.  She’s only 6 days old!  Isabella is the first baby born to Jay and Blanca.  They’re both very excited to finally have her in their arms, and you’ll see by the photos she’s already daddy’s little princess.  As always, it was a pleasure to be around the Rodriguez family and be given the opportunity to document such special events in their life.  🙂

baby girl with ballerina skirt

baby feet

mom holding baby's feet

crying baby pic newborn photo

sleeping baby pic

black and white baby pic

father holding baby pic

tender pic of father and baby daughter

baby girl in father's arms

artistic photo of father and daughter


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The Tovar Family  happens to be one of our close family friends.  I’ve had the privilege of shooting their portraits quite a few times.  It’s nice to compare the older images with the most current ones and see how much they’ve grown.  It’s always an adventure with this family.  There’s Josiah, he’s the oldest, he’s they type to just go with the flow and look after his younger siblings.  Then there’s Isabella, we call her ICarly because she looks so much like Miranda Cosgrove.  She’s definitely daddy’s girl.  Though she’s outnumbered by her brothers, she’s not afraid to stand up to them if they try to bully her.  Julian is without a doubt the most quiet out of all his siblings and very shy.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard him talk lol.  He doesn’t say much, most of the time he’s in his own little world doing his own thing.  Then there’s Nicholas, one word….WOW lol  He’s something else.  Always keeps his parents on their feet running after him.  He’s comedy. I think he has more energies than all of his other four siblings put together.  I think by looking at the pictures you’ll be able to identify him.  There’s never a dull moment when he’s around.  If you ask his parents, they’d probably say he’s quite a bit to handle, but, nevertheless he’s a great kid and he’s got a big heart.  🙂  And the baby of the family, daddy’s little princes, is Gabby.  She may not say much because she’s only two years old, but she can sure get her way with her siblings, she runs the show 😉  Thanks again Angie & Mike for choosing us to take your family portraits. 🙂

– Angie



Horsethief Canyon Park, 301 Horsethief Canyon, San Dimas, CA 91773

San Dimas Equestrian Center, 299 East Foothill Boulevard, San Dimas, CA  91773

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The Mora Family was so much fun to photograph.  Ana is a portrait photographer herself, but in her defense, she told me, “My little girls are a handful, it’s impossible for me have them sit still.  They don’t listen to me!”.  I didn’t have much luck with that either lol  But needless to say, the fact that they wouldn’t sit still is what made this session a lot funner.  I just let them do their thing and I followed them around with my camera waiting for that perfect shot.  Thank you Ana & Diego for allowing us to photograph your Family Portraits…we had a great time!  🙂   – Angie




Horsethief Canyon Park, 301 Horsethief Canyon, San Dimas, CA 91773

San Dimas Equestrian Center, 299 East Foothill Boulevard, San Dimas, CA  91773

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