The Tovar Family  happens to be one of our close family friends.  I’ve had the privilege of shooting their portraits quite a few times.  It’s nice to compare the older images with the most current ones and see how much they’ve grown.  It’s always an adventure with this family.  There’s Josiah, he’s the oldest, he’s they type to just go with the flow and look after his younger siblings.  Then there’s Isabella, we call her ICarly because she looks so much like Miranda Cosgrove.  She’s definitely daddy’s girl.  Though she’s outnumbered by her brothers, she’s not afraid to stand up to them if they try to bully her.  Julian is without a doubt the most quiet out of all his siblings and very shy.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard him talk lol.  He doesn’t say much, most of the time he’s in his own little world doing his own thing.  Then there’s Nicholas, one word….WOW lol  He’s something else.  Always keeps his parents on their feet running after him.  He’s comedy. I think he has more energies than all of his other four siblings put together.  I think by looking at the pictures you’ll be able to identify him.  There’s never a dull moment when he’s around.  If you ask his parents, they’d probably say he’s quite a bit to handle, but, nevertheless he’s a great kid and he’s got a big heart.  🙂  And the baby of the family, daddy’s little princes, is Gabby.  She may not say much because she’s only two years old, but she can sure get her way with her siblings, she runs the show 😉  Thanks again Angie & Mike for choosing us to take your family portraits. 🙂

– Angie



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